Located on Salem Mountain in Carbondale, PA, the KC3LEE Repeater is a BrandMeister-Linked Hytera DMR/Mixed Mode 982U connected by 7/8″ Hardline to a Diamond 780 UHF Base antenna.

It operates on the following frequencies:


INPUT= 445.5625 MHz

OUTPUT= 440.05625 MHz

Color Code= 8

Timeslot Access:

TS1 – Used for all BrandMeister Talkgroups. PA Statewide 3142 is static on this Timeslot.

TS2 – Used for LOCAL Operation ONLY —:

Local 2 is connected to the NEPA Cluster (TG 31424)

Local 9 is Local Use ONLY for our coverage area.

PA CrossMode (TG31425) is STATIC on TS2 as well.